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Arman Hazarika (Inde)
Rév. Déborah MARGRET (RDC)
BAMHIRAM Augustin (Cameroun)
Pr Stella Onome (Nigeria)

Avis des auteurs

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I am extremely grateful to the extraordinary individuals at Editions Lumumba publishing house, whose unwavering interest and meticulous care have brought my work to life. From the insightful acquisition team that recognized its significance, to the skilled editors who shaped every word with precision, and the talented designers who adorned its pages with visual brilliance, each person involved played an indispensable role in its creation. Their commitment to excellence and unwavering belief in the power of diverse voices not only elevated the final product but also made the entire editorial journey enriching and rewarding. Editions Lumumba bears witness to their dedication, and I express my sincere gratitude for their remarkable contributions, unwavering support, and relentless pursuit of intellectual excellence. Together, we have not only created a book but woven a tapestry of knowledge, passion, and shared vision that will resonate with readers for generations to come.

Arman Hazarika

Author at Editions Lumumba