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World Culture – Let’s discover the differences in the world together and let the world smile upon us. The World Culture Editorial Team welcomes you.

The World Culture Editorial Team is a non-profit publishing organization, and the copyright of the books belongs to the World Culture Editorial Team. Here, all authors can benefit from free proofreading and editing services. The author of our published book will receive corresponding royalties if copies are sold. The World Culture Editorial Team will send the list of copies sold at Christmas every year.

The World Culture Editorial Team was founded by Jessee Zhang in 2021, who is from China.

Currently, the World Culture Editorial Team has published books on the culture of 21 countries: Nepal, India, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, Jordan, Slovenia, Spain, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, Algeria, Cameroon, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, New Zealand.

African culture is part of world culture, and the purpose of publishing African culture is to showcase the local customs, cuisine, clothing, festivals, and other aspects of African cultures as soon as possible through this platform, and we hope that the majority of African scholars can join us to complete African culture as soon as possible.

The World Culture Editorial Team welcomes your inquiries and submissions.

Inquiry: WhatsApp +8613811646350

Submission: africulture@editionslumumba.com