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Dear readers and researchers,

We are extremely proud and excited to present to you the very first issue of the International Journal of African Sciences (IJAS). This issue marks a historic moment for our journal and reflects our commitment not only to the promotion and celebration of African research in all its forms but also to a strong, united, and prosperous world.

In this journey through African research, we have the privilege of presenting the findings of studies conducted by researchers from diverse backgrounds, from South Africa to Algeria, from Senegal to Madagascar, and beyond. Each article is the result of hard work, unwavering passion for the exploration of knowledge, and a desire to contribute to the development of our continent.

It is in this spirit that we call on national and international organizations, African and non-African universities, as well as governments, to support this journal. Our mission is to value African knowledge while also shedding light on global knowledge, all while maintaining internationally recognized standards and norms. Our aim is to foster significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge in Africa.

By collaborating together, we can enhance the visibility of African research, promote scientific exchanges, and encourage the emergence of solutions tailored to our specific challenges. Through this synergy, we will build a prosperous future for our continent, where knowledge will be a fundamental pillar of our collective development.

We thank in advance all those who will join this initiative and offer their support to our journal dedicated to highlighting African knowledge. Together, we will build a promising future for our continent.

This inaugural issue covers a wide range of fields, reflecting the diversity of research in Africa. From medical studies in Burkina Faso to political and environmental analyses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, each article brings a new dimension to the understanding of the issues shaping our society.

We warmly salute and thank the authors, all distinguished researchers and educators, for their exceptional contributions. Their dedication to scientific research and the advancement of knowledge is an inspiration to us all.

We also express our gratitude to the review committee, composed of eminent professors from Africa and other regions, for their expertise and meticulous evaluation of submitted articles. Their involvement in this process ensures the quality and credibility of each publication.

Finally, we wish to thank our editorial team and all those who have contributed to making this first issue a reality. Your commitment and hard work have been essential in accomplishing this mission.

As we launch this inaugural edition, we aspire to build an inclusive platform that encourages the sharing of knowledge, fosters collaboration among African and international researchers, and becomes an essential reference for research in Africa.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you, readers and researchers, exploring new ideas, broadening our horizons, and contributing together to a brighter future for research in Africa.

Welcome to this exciting journey into the heart of African research !



Professor and Vice-Dean in charge of Research at the Faculty of Law  of the Université Officielle de Mbujimayi/ Congo DR

International Journal of African Sciences ( Revue Internationale des Sciences Africaines) Vol. 01 No. 01, Jul. 2023, Pages 1 — 280

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Sawadogo Wendmetta Hubert

Réné S Ouoba

Souleymane Kaboré

Boubacar Nacro

Yé Diarra

Enseignants- chercheurs/Burkina Faso

SAWADOGO Wendmetta Hubert



Enseignants- chercheurs/Burkina Faso


Institut Supérieur Technique des Arts et Métiers


Institut Supérieur Pédagogique de Baraka


University of KwaZulu-Natal/ South Africa

Eddy Mulenda Kabadundi

Université Libre de Matadi/ RD Congo

N’gouan Mathieu AGAMAN

Université Peleforo Gon Coulibaly(UPGC)/Côte d’Ivoire


Université de Douala/Cameroun

Abdoul Dramane Karim COMPAORE 

Sobzanga Edouard SAWADOGO

Université Norbert Zongo, Koudougou, Burkina Faso

Ilunga Bumute Christian

Mwamaye Nkulu Antoine

Ngoy Kayombo Didier

Muvumbu wa Banza Nkasa Mikaël

Université de Likasi/RD Congo


Ilunga Bumute Christian

Kabulo Mwanabute Éric

Mahongo Kalumbu Immaculée

Tabu Kiwele Patrice

Mukuta Samaika Attal

Université de Likasi, Institut Supérieur Pédagogique et Technique de Likasi /RD Congo